The Boys Pit

Frisby lakes 
Boys pit  
The boys pit is a very intimate lake with loads of featured such as islands, bars, lilies, deep channels and a couple of weedbeds. The boys pit is known mainly as the pleaser lake, but does hold a mass of specimen fish. It is a great tench water with the chance of building up a good bag of tench averaging 4ib to 6ib. The boys pit also holds some phenomenal curican fishing to be had, with many fish being had over 3ib. 
There are carp in the lake that run into upper twenties. Although not as well know as the main lake for its carp, this lake has the same potential of throwing up a very big surprise. The lake has also a healthy stocking of pike. The pike in the boys pit don’t run to the same size as they do in the main lake, but can still offer a great day’s predator fishing.  
Due to current works being carried out part of the boys pit is currently inaccessible.  
Sorry for any inconvenience.
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